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Delete content of a roaming profile to force loading a new default profile

clock September 2, 2014 15:15 by author Hans Straat
After some issues with profiles we found out that a new default profile needed to be created. Creating a default profile is easy and you can find enough information how to do that on the internet :)  Now the challange: how to clean excisting profiles without deleting the entire user folder aka... [More]

Need to remove the pinned Google Chrome from your taskbar and desktop?

clock August 19, 2014 11:46 by author Hans Straat
A nice example from the field, we are implementing Google Chrome but do not want the lnk in the taskbar nor a shortcut on the desktop. After doing some Google searching we found the solution. You can delete the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\(Wow6432Node\)Microsoft\Active Setup\Insta... [More]

Running Windows 8.1 Developer Edition update is available!

clock May 14, 2014 21:46 by author Hans Straat
Microsoft released a new update for Windows Phone 8.1 8.10.12382.868 to be exactly. I had to opt out and opt in to get the update notification but have it. What I have read so far the best update is to improve battery live! So get the update on your phone fast.  

We have done migration from Hypver-V 2008R2 directly to 2012R2

clock May 10, 2014 00:14 by author Hans Straat
As it seems we had some major downtime. Thursday we decided to shutdown and export the vm's and then upgrade the hyper-v server from 2008R2 directly to 2012R2. I wat a joy that we had bringing the servers back online. All that could to wrong did go wrong. After a nice export in hyper-v manager 2008R... [More]

Upgrade Windows Phone 8.0 to 8.1 or wait a while?

clock April 28, 2014 21:19 by author Hans Straat
I am personally running Windows 8.1 for Windows Phone since it became publicly available for the developers. The battery drains a bit faster as you already read over the wide internet. Disabling Internet Explorer in the battery management application helps a lot. I personally also disabled facebook ... [More]

RDP Client available for Windows Phone 8.1

clock April 23, 2014 13:30 by author Hans Straat
It is now possible to install a RDP client on your Windows Phone 8.1. I tested it on my Lumia 1520 (nice wide screen :P ) and it works like a charm.  Get the client here

Ricoh UPD drivers finally coexist on one server

clock March 19, 2014 16:06 by author Hans Straat
Today I was talking to a ricoh engineer while we were troubleshooting some issues on the ricoh mfp's I manage and he talked about coexisting printerdrivers from version 4.0. I emediatly downloaded and installed V4.2 and YES eureka I got 2 Ricoh drivers on my printserver instead of one.If you choose ... [More]

Logon or Logoff scripts with Applocker enabled

clock January 15, 2014 09:30 by author Hans Straat
While working on the environment I had to implement a simple logoff script (written in vb). Well you all now how it works. Setup a policy configure the script to the logoff section in the policy (User hyve) and link it to the OU you want to have the logoff script working in. Now everytime a pop... [More]

Updated: Change bulk the default printsettings on a Ricoh printer

clock January 8, 2014 09:52 by author Hans Straat
I had the challange of changing 150+ ricoh printers to change the default way they print. Standard when you do a printjob to a printer you walk to the printer pick up your print (it's waiting for you at the outputtray). But in a environment with sensitive information you can't simply print and then ... [More]

Rollup Package 03 released for Xenapp 6.5

clock January 2, 2014 09:42 by author Hans Straat
Rollup Package 03 is released for Xenapp 6.5. There are much improvements and fixes again in R03, be sure to roll it out on your test environment before updating your production environment so you know you break something in test instead of production :) Get the update here

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