Most of the time when you update software on a server you will use windows backup to make sure you are able to restore the server to the state before the change(s) where implemented. However using windows backup is a time consuming operation to restore a server and what if the server will not boot anymore. From the field here is a usefull tip. You can use drivesnapshot to create a full backup of the partitions of the server. Then use a BartPE cd or dvd to startup the server and run drivesnapshot from within the BartPE environment. Now you are able to restore the partitions full and depending on the data you need to restore it will likely take about 1/2 hour to restore the C partition. Now you are back in the original state before you implemented the change and the server runs again. This will save a lot of time rebuilding a server when you did not make a backup and thougt hey it's only a software update what can happen :)